Intern – Sales (REQ2023020767) | Valeo Job | Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Job description:

Valeo is hiring a Sales Intern In Ahmedabad.

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Sales order creation (open & closed order)
  • PO receipt & SAOP approvals.
  • New customer registration in sap pcr.
  • New customer registration approval in smart through finance ssc.
  • Periodic approval in smart for sap roles access ( every 3 months).
  • Smart process approvals for so, customer registration , sap related issues.
  • Supplementary so release for msil< mahindra< tata.
  • Price difference gap analysis & internal iom approvals.
  • Supplementary / debit / credit sales order creation & customer approvals for the clearance.
  • Handling sap related issues / resolving / ticket issuance / follow ups / Vfx error issues ( month end).
  • Advance warehouse implementation (new SAP System to Track/Monitor/Invoice – GRN – Payment due date)
  • STO price transfer clearance.
  • PO updates request at customer for revision of forex, rm, bcd changes periodically(price working).
  • Overdues meeting/ reconciliation/ customer follow ups/ interoffice memo clearance
  • Payment advice arrangement from customer & clearances with ssc.
  • Internal/external audits (statutory & group compliance) for the sales price< po< saop ETC.

Job/Req. ID: N/A

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Company: Valeo

Location: Ahmedabad, GJ

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